The Sundance Experience: The Journey of Discovery And The Different Paths of Life




With clear beautiful blue skies above and snowcapped mountains touching the sky, there is a little hamlet which is both a paradise and a dream. Many make the pilgrimage to this wondrous place. Where the past and the present coexist in harmony. There are those who have come for the snow, there are those who have come to get away from it all, and there are those who have come to be a part of something truly amazing and magical which is the Sundance film Festival. The place, Park City, Utah.

Among glistening white powder snow, old-fashioned streets and cheerful faces; the young and the old gather as if coming home to a large family. They greet each other happily with stories of the past year. This is something more than just the Sundance film Festival, this is the family of Sundance. With Robert Redford being the father. New members arrive every year to join the family.

Sundance has become an increasingly diverse global community of artists, filmmakers, storytellers and independent freethinkers. This is the alchemy that makes Sundance so special and unique. Providing a platform and support where artists, storytellers and filmmakers can come together to create imaginative independent works of art.

No matter who you are, what you do, or where you come from Sundance represents a personal journey of discovery and forging a different path; a path of change. It celebrates the independent creative spirit which dwells within us all, but in this wondrous place; the creative spirit is nurtured and allowed to flourish and out of this flower comes an array of independent voices changing the way we think and see the world.

Welcome to the Sundance Experience



Standing Guard

Standing Guard


Poem #1

Life’s Journey

The life inside of us is continuous, boundless and infinite.

As we travel floating like a leaf in the wind there are no guarantees of where we shall land.

It is a journey of the unforeseen,

a journey of the unknown,

a journey of discovery,

a journey of the sublime.

a journey of pain,

a journey of the unfamiliar,

a journey to the center of who we are.

As we journey on breathing in all we have learned.

Connecting, intersecting and creating a vast collective pool of experiences.

Of which consist both darkness and light.

Our feet securely planted on the earth.

Our eyes fixed on the horizon.

Everything around us is ever changing as time marches on

never stopping for anyone.

The doors of life open and close in a blink of an eye.

Each one we must walk though one day.

The life of a person is one which integrates with others.

As we go on we find the true meaning of our life is endless

and it is then we realize love is eternal.


Poem #2 

I am tired!

I have been sick so long!

Too long!

The pain!

The aches!

The sadness!

I look at what I used to be and there is nothing left of me.

It is all to much!

I can’t!

I won’t!

I just don’t have it in me anymore.

I stand at the base of the mountain crying, knowing I can’t do this climb..

Knowing that before I could, but now I can’t.

I look up and my heart breaks, remembering how I use to soar high up in the sky.

Remembering what it was like to be free.

Then I feel a hand on my back and I turn.

That smile!

Those eyes!

I feel those loving arms wrap around me and I feel safe.

Softly loving words find their way to my ear.

My love, don’t be afraid.

I am here.

I won’t let you fall and I won’t let you give up..

There is nothing you can’t do.

I know it has been hard for you, but it will get better.

Don’t look at what was.

Look to what will be.

Don’t give in to this, just shake it off and move on.

Now come on!

You have work to do..

We will do this together…..

Mommy is here and we have a mountain to climb!


Poem # 3

They said I was too new….


Because I was unknown.

They said I did not fit in…


Because my ideas were different.

They said it could not be done….


Because it would not sell.

They said it was hopeless….


Because I went against the grain.

I know it can be done!

It will be done!

Because…… its time has come.


Poem # 4

My dream

My creation

My breath

My soul

My life

My Art

My art is everything to me….

it is my life.


Poem # 5

Scared, shaking, hoping, praying

Looking around I wonder, where have I come.

What will they say?

What will they do?

Am I in the wrong place?

What if……….

Will they like me?

Will they help me?

Did I make a bad choice

This is my dream…

It’s all I have.

I have put everything on the line.

A friendly face walks over and puts their hand on my arm.

With a gentle voice they say to me……

It’s okay.

Your home.

Now lets get started!


Poem # 6

You have an unspoken beauty.

Your skies are crystal clear.

You mountains like paintings.

The stars shine brightly here.

I find peace here.

My spirit runs free here.

When I leave, I am lost without you.

You are where I need to be.

You are where I was meant to live.

I know I will never find a place like you.

You are where I belong.


Poem # 7

How long has it been?

I know it’s been a while….

There have been new changes in our lives

We are a year older……

maybe a little wiser.

Maybe not,

but it is like we never parted.

Hello, friend….


Poem # 8

My dreams soar high above.

Nothing can stop them.

They have taken flight..

and have became my life.


Poem # 9


Up here on top of the mountain is a silence which is sacred.

It is a sacred place.

Here there is no judgment, pressure or hate…

Just the mountain and the snow.

It is a place I feel free.

Free to soar above it all.

Free of everything and everyone.

In the silence I have found myself.

I have found peace.


Poem # 10

I love you.

You are the breath of my body.

The beat of my heart.

How you could have put up with me for so long.

I don’t know.

To put you though so much and yet…..

You stayed.

Though the hard times, hurt and pain.

How you could have stayed.

I don’t know.

But what I do know is you never stopped supporting and loving me.

No matter what I did.

Sorry for that…

I love you so……..

You who is the other half of me.


Poem # 11


The feel of it

The sound of it.

The sight of it.

The white powder mist flying though the air

as I race on it.

It is a part of me.

It is everything.


Poem # 12

What can I say

We said goodbye a long time ago

And yet……..

I see you everywhere.

I see you in the trees.

I see you in the creek.

I feel you in the air.

I hear you in the songs of the birds.

I watch you in the fire……

and I realized you never left.

You are all around me.


Poem # 13

Standing looking out the window I feel changed.

I as watch the snow fall.

I feel complete.

It was not too long ago…

I was lost….

Unable to go on,

but then…

I came here and your spirit spoke to me.

It comforted me.

It gave me the strength to go on.

Looking at the trees painted with snow…..

I know it’s going to be a new day….

A new me..


Poem # 14

You work and work.

No one understands.

No one knows what drives you.

No one sees.

No one knows.

It is who you are.

It is what you are

There is nothing more to be said.

Nothing more to be done.

For you are the creator of our dreams

The builder of the impossible

You are an Artist….


Poem # 15

Your life and my life are intertwined like the roots of a tree.

We come from the same family, the same source, the same light.

There is no difference between us, only the distance of the mind.


Poem # 16

Creation pours into me like a fire.

It longs to get out.

It longs to be put to pen and paper.

It longs to be discovered……

to be seen.

I am the instrument and the creation is the master.


Poem # 17

Wild and free.

The way we were meant to be.

With no bounds or limits.

Just living in the moment.

Just being.

Just seeing.

Just knowing.

It is who we are.

Wild and free.


Poem # 18

Alone with my thoughts.

Alone in time.

Sometimes it’s good to be alone.


Poem #19

Snow Cowboy

Yes I am a snow cowboy.

I like to ride

I like to be free.

I ride my board down the mountains.

Flying high.

Flying free…

with nothing to stop me,

or hold me back.

Snow is in my blood,

It is all I know…..

I was born and will die a snow cowboy.


Poem # 20


Passion for life

Passion for art

Passion for food

Passion for living


If you have it……

You can do anything.


Poem # 21

The journey

The journey we take is not always our own.

Sometimes it’s not one of our choosing,


It is the one we need take.

It is what makes us who we are…

and builds our charter…

It is the journey given to us with love and care.

It is the journey which gets us ready for the climb.

It is the journey which gets us ready for our purpose…..

Our life….

Our destiny.


Poem # 22

As I look out, I see my life as if I was looking at someone else.

The hurt.

The pain.

The sacrifices..

The blessings

All have made me who I am.

If I could, ….. yes there is a lot I would do differently…


I would not….

I could not, change that which made me the person I am today.

Who I am is the gift…..

which I could not see…..

until now.


Poem # 23

Running away.

Running to be free.

Running to be me.

Running no where.

Just standing still.

Screaming to be heard.

Crying for lost dreams.

Praying for a miracle.

Hoping to find who I am.

Poem # 24

I climb because I can

I climb because it’s there.

I climb because it’s my life

With every step…

I am getting closer to who I am.

With every pull…

I am becoming who

I was meant to be.

With every scrap,.. scratch and cut…

I am pulling on the strength within.

As I climb to the top I am realizing my dreams.

As stand on the top of the mountain looking to the horizon….

I see…. no one can take my journey.

No can walk my path

No one can do my climb.

Poem # 25

As I walk with you in the falling snow….

I wonder when did this happen..

Was it the night I took you and made you mine?

Was it when I first laid eyes on you….

as you struggled to get to class with an arm full of books?

Was it as the light of the sun softly touched your wondrous face…

as the wind played in your hair?

When did I fall in love with you?

I don’t know….

At this point…..I just know I love you.

Maybe I was born to love you