The Rise and Fall of Life: A gift of Hope and Light




Poem #1

I rise on my mother’s wings

I rise on my mother’s wings, I rise.

I rise on the wings that sheltered and protected me, I rise

I rise on the wings that kept me warm with love, I rise

I rise with her faith and belief in me, I rise.

I rise knowing her love is with me always and knows no bounds, I rise.

I rise with knowing she gives me the strength and will to go on, I rise.

I rise with my mother’s dreams realized, I rise.

I rise with all of my mother’s being inside of me, I rise.

Today, tomorrow, and forever I rise on my mother’s wings


Poem #2

Little One

Little One, I feel your hand in my soul.

I know you are going through a lot, but I am here with you.

I am right here beside you, in you, walking, talking

Keeping your feet on the right path.

You who has come from afar,

From a distant star.

You are the voice within my heart.

I can feel you when we’re apart.

I am here to guide you.

I am here to help you through.

Look within I am there.


Poem #3

We Are

We are the same not single, but one.

Not two but whole.

What you see is not what we are.

What we are is that which is everything.

We are in everything and yet nothing, just a simple sacred spark of the divine.

We are the infinite and as vast as the stars in the heavens

We are the passions for great ideas.

The inspired genus which causes dreams to take flight.

We are the reflection of each other.

We are the mysterious force.

We are love. Yes love, the very thing that gives us reason to live.

That which gives life meaning.

We are the breath.

We are energy.

We are the vibration.

We are the light

We are the water.

We are the many colors and creeds of nature’s bouquet.

We are the symphony of life.

We are you.


Poem #4

The mask of darkness and light

In the mist of darkness and light I stand, looking on.

No one knows or sees me, yet I feel welcome here.

I am everything and nothing.

I dread the past and fear the future.

Here I stand alone in the twisted world of my making.

To all I am angelic.

No one truly knows me or ever will.

For I am a grotesque creator of illusion with a mask of dark deeds.

Feeding on the pain of the unknown.

I am the gloom and the sublime.

I am the true path to death or life.


Poem #5


Day after day it waits for me.

Can I ever escape it?

When I go to sleep it is waiting for me.

No matter what I do, I can’t escape it!

It is there like a hand choking the life out of me!

I can’t hide from it, because I realized the nightmare is me.


Poem # 6

Time Tolls for Me

Time tolls for me.

It’s time to go, it says to me

If I had the time to do it again…..

I would not change a thing.

Well, maybe a few bits here and there.

I have lived my life.

I had a good run.

It is time for me to move on.

I am ready to face the light.

I am ready for a change.

Let the journey begin.

It time to start again.


Poem #7

I lost you and I do not know what to do.

Nor where to go.

Tell me where do I go from here?

You told me, I had to live, but how?

What do I do when, I have lost everything?

What do I do when, I have no one?

Where do I go when, I no longer have a home?

How do I live when, you were my life..

My home.


Poem #8

I sit here in the very place we use to go.

It is a gray day.

The kind of day you always liked.

I see people going about their day.

They are running, laughing and playing.

It makes me think of you.

I can’t help it.

I am here waiting for you.

Please come back to me.


Poem #9

The Sea

The sea is gray and cold.

It seems to show how I feel.

The waves go back and forth.

The stillness and calm hides the sadness I feel.

As I look out at the sea, I see my reflection.

I don’t even recognized the person I see.

I wonder who am I without you.


Poem #10


Darkness falls like a black cloak over me.

I can’t see.

I can’t feel.

I know I am alone.

I am just walking in this place called life, trying to find the light.

But all I see and feel is the darkness.


Poem #11

I sail on an ocean of blood.

What was once blue and full of life,

Is now red and lifeless.


Poem #12

Am I a person?

Some people say no.

Because I am different.

There was a time when I tried to fit in, but it was not me.

I can’t help the way I see the world…

I can’t help the way I look…

I can’t help the way I was made…

This is who I am.

Except it or leave me alone.

I am going to go on with my life as I am.

I don’t want to fit in your world anymore!


Poem # 13

The Cell

I stand here looking out of my cell into a different world.

A world of freedom and hope.

What did I do wrong, except to reach for the dream.

To go to the promise land, where all things are possible.

Now I stand here in my cell, wondering how I got here.

Was it my race, my sex, my religion or my beliefs?

I don’t know.

All I do know is I stand here in my cell day after day watching the world go by.

Knowing I am no longer free, I am like a caged bird.

I wonder will I ever taste freedom again.

Until then I do have my cell they can’t take that away from me.


Poem # 14


They see me not as a human being, but as a monster.

I don’t know what I did to be treated less than an animal.

I am just like them, but I am different.

I may be gay, or transgender, or homeless, or poor or of a different race.

Or maybe I have different beliefs than they, but all they see is a monster they can’t stand.

A monster which needs to be hurt or killed.

When will someone stand up and put an end to the pain I am in?

When will someone look at me and see I am a human being?

When will people care?

Maybe one day they will see that we are all the same.

Maybe one day they will see me not as a monster, but as a human being.

May be one day.


Poem # 15


What makes a family?

A man and a woman?

What about two men or what about two women?

What about a single mother or single father?

What about them?

Who is to say who gets to be a family and why should it even matter?

If the child is raised in a loving home then isn’t that all that matters.

Not what kind of family it is or if it is the right kind of family in the eyes of society.

Family is more than a man and woman.


Poem # 16

The River

The river,

The life blood of this land.

Flowing free, giving us life.

Crystal clear and pure.

What do we do when the blood of the land is poisoned or no more?


Poem # 17

Road Block

As I go, I see a road block ahead of me and wonder what am I to do.

I can’t just stand here doing nothing!

I have to go!

I have to keep moving!

I stop for no one and nothing.

Oh well, I can always go around.


Poem #18

Do you see me?

Do you look at me at all?

Or are you just like everyone else, looking to take from me what they can?

Do you want me or do you just want to possess me?

Am I just an object to you and nothing more?

Do you really love me for who I am and not for whom you want me to be?

Then if your love is real come close and will I let you see what is behind the mask.

I will let you see the real me.


Poem # 19

The Mask

We all wear masks at one time or another.

So no one can tell who we really are.

Tell me when we are alone and take off the mask, do we even know who we are anymore?

Or are we just lost in the mask?


Poem # 20

The Embrace

Come closer to me and let me be a part of you.

Let me give you all I am.

Come let me love you until the end of time.

Let your heart beat be mine and mine be yours.

Let our bodies be one.

Let me show you how much I love you with my embrace.

Then let us together embrace life and never be apart.


Poem # 21

The Union

Today you and I are one.

You are my home now and for always

Our souls have joined to make a whole.

There is nothing and no one that can come between us.

There is nothing that can break the bond we have or take away the love we have for each other.

Where you are weak I am strong and where I am weak you are strong.

Where you go I shall always follow.

When the time comes for you to go; I will lay my head down next to yours.

I will close my eyes and start the journey with you, hand and hand.

Always we shall be together.


Poems #22

The Dying king

Fight my love, fight!

You are strong this will not over take you.

You are a king nothing can bring you down.

Now fight my love fight!

Don’t do this!

You promised you would never leave me.

You have to stay!

You have a child, you must watch grow.

I love you.

Come let me help you, let me………..

Oh no!!!

It is too late!!!


Poem # 23

The French Man

Yes I am French and proud of it!

I like fine food, wine, good music and the company of a beautiful woman.

What can I say I am French!


Poem #24

This is who I am.

This is what I do.

The street is all I know and is the way I roll.

I was born and raised here.

When I die I know I will die here, because I am street for life.

You know what I mean dog?

Street for life there is no way out.


Poem # 25

How I long for a space of my own.

A space where I can be free. Somewhere I can be me.

I need, I hope, and dream of a quite space all my own.

One day, I will have it.

I hope.


Poem # 26

Angel of my Heart

Angle of my heart never leave me.

Stay with me and give me the will to go on.

Watch over me and never forsake me.

Protect and always love me.

Angle of my heart never leave me…

Because my love,

I could never live without you, who is my heart.


Poem # 27

I gave you my hand in peace and you stabbed it.

I gave my love and you destroyed it.

I gave my hope and you crushed it.

Now all I have to give is my life and now I know you will kill it.


Poem # 28


I am only a shadow.

Walking the dark and lonely streets with no place to go.

I have no home, no family, no one to care.

I am just here doing my time amongst the rest of the shadows…

I am not seen.

I am not heard.

I am not fed.

When an unexpected eye catches a glimpse of me, it quickly turns its gaze.

I am just a shadow nothing more, but the memory of what was lost.


Poem # 29


Yes I ran away.

It was too much for me.

I needed someplace better

I needed someplace safe.

Not to have to worry about what was going to happen to me.

Will it be a beating or worse?

Will I have to run and hide or lay down and take what was to come?

No,………… No more!

Yes I runaway, because I could not take the horror of my home.

The streets are no better, but a least I have a chance.


Poem # 30

Child of the Streets

Look at me……

What do you see?

Don’t you feel anything when you see me?

What did I do to deserve this?

I need your help!

I need your protection!

I need your love!

I need you to care!

Please don’t walk away.

I am a child of the streets.

Help me!!