Souletry Poems of the Soul

Souletry Cover Art


Poem # 1


I know not who I am, yet a creature

A being

Feeling their way through life out,

free and yet not

bound by the lack less web of unfulfilled dreams

Clothed in the myth of undying love

Not knowing and knowing all….

Finding all the beauty in this world is held in your eyes

but it is hard to bare in the mist of misunderstanding.

Pain is the food of the soul, leaving a bitter taste

and an emptiness that can’t be filled.

I am not that which is of light, but do not long for the darkness.

In between is where I sit, without a place to call my own.

Doubt falls from my lips drowning me in despair

yet in all this, all I have to do is look into your eyes to find my place in your soul.


Poem # 2


Will you still love me when my youth is gone and that which you treasured is no more?

Will you stand by my side in the winter of my life as my body turns to dust?

If I could I would stop time….

so we could forever play in summers lustful youth.

Never tasting the wine of winters age.

Forever being free to love and share.

Never allowing the star’s light to go out,


I am only me, unable to do such things.

A slave to time and what fate holds for us…

so will you stand with me as I journey into the unknown?

Will you love me even as I change with time and …..

will you take my hand as I sail in to the endless


for that is,

is all that ever was….

and ever will be

and we shall returned together back to the beginning

With our love everlasting.


Poem # 3


I am reborn in you everyday.

I who is not of you womb, but of your heart

find the love you pour into me renews body and soul.

It opens a doorway to the divine

Allowing me to see for the first time……….

to be me

The flesh of my body is no longer the realty

I see.

For in you I see all.

The universe is the host to my soul.

and you are my home forever more.

The gateway to the unknown.

The path to the light.

The enduring love of my life.

In you I will always find myself

You are the true blossom of life.


Poem # 4


You are so beautiful to me.

As the sea caresses the shore

and the wind gently sways the trees

As the mountains reach for the heavens

your presence fills me with such joy

of which I have never known until you.

How I yearn for you.

The hunger of my soul can only be fed by your love.

In you, my world becomes anew.

As you are a creation of the infinite.

Gifted with such wisdom and light.

I am humble to be clothed in your love.


Poem # 5


My life is full of unending paths…

Do I go straight?

Do I go left?

Do I go right?

Or do I stand still?

To do or not to do!

To be or not to be!

To live or to die!

Nothing is ever straight forward, but

you are the redeemer of my life’s path…..

The carver of my destiny.

The winds of your faith give my wings strength to sail on my hopes and dreams.


Poem # 6


Weep not for me nor the person I used to be.

Weep not for the fate I found on the battle field.

And yet,

Let it be known my thoughts have only been of you….

my love..

Weep not as my body goes to waste.

Shed not a tear on my behalf.

For my suffering and sorrow is over as the sun sets.

Weep for those I leave behind who must bear

the weight of war on their backs

Who eyes have grown old and still with

the hideous visions etched into their soul and

the battle cry of death ringing in their ears.

Weep not for me…

I am free.


Poem # 7


I wish I could distill this moment….

as you take my hand..

Walking in the rays of love’s light

where time does not exist in the heart of my dreams.

Floating like a star in the heavens not caring where

I land,

only that you are here with me to share this sweet embrace this moment holds.

Time for me means so little…..

as grains of sand trickle down with the whispers of time.

Seasons change forcing us to move moment to moment leaving nothing in its wake

Time changes all, but here within this moment

time has no say in the light of your love.


Poem # 8


In the silence of the thread between us.

No words are given

Just silence

It is where you and I find each other.

Knowing nothing before and nothing after.

The silence moves in us with sacred majesty.

Lovely it sings its songs

and sweetly whispers its love.

The world has departed from us leaving us stripped of any worldly care.

Only to find the golden flaming embers of desire awaiting us on a bed of love’s light.


Poem # 9


When you look at me what do you see?

Do you really know me or do you just pretend?

The eyes which stare back at me have lost their flame!

They have grown dull, bare, lifeless in their aim.

Do you love me or do you feel nothing?

Your touch has gone cold as if winter’s breath is upon your hand!

Your kiss has turned to vinegar and is sour in my mouth!

The seeds of love has died and left an open wound.

My heart quakes at the sight of us shattering in pieces.

There is nothing to restore what we were as the wind sweeps us away

forever separate in our love’s decay.


Poem # 10


Art’s Creation

In the stillness of the imagination is where I dwell,

with the creative soul being my template upon

which I place my diverse palate.

Allowing the muse of my heart to take flight

stirring the fires of my spirit.

Undefined and ever changing I take on many faces and shades.

My voice is art and my body is the creation forged from its fires.