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Hello and welcome to Q’s Maison D’ Art website.

Here you will find the artwork and writings of Artist Monteque Pope-Le Beau. Which ranges from poetry, paintings and photographs. It is here you can find  the inspiration and thoughts of the artist.  Whose work deals with the movement of energy along with  an in depth examination of the light and darkness of humanity.This website is not only the  portfolio of the artist, but it is also an in depth look at how they became who they are.  We hope you enjoy  this artistic journey.


The Dreamer
My dreams are my reality
and my realities are my dreams.
I am only limited by my ability to rise beyond the realm of the seen
to where the imagination takes flight.
There all things are made possible.
There creativity is the ship in which
I set sail to greet wondrous adventures and imagine new possibilities.
The muse of my soul springs forth showering me with its golden embers of inspiration,
Allowing me to paint the worlds of the imagination.

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

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