Excerpts From “Souletry Poems of the Soul”

The Path

The Path


Poem # 15


Kings of this world we are not!

We are fools behind gilded masks

not knowing the breath has gone from our souls

and the cold now dwells in our hearts.

Life has lost all its colors and adrift is what we have become.

Drifting in a sea of vices.

The chime of darkness has come as

we swirl around like dust……

blown to the darkest side of life.

Where hate is the fuel that feeds the empty hunger.

Haters of the unknown.

Destroyer of the innocent.

Thieves of life.

Sweet is the taste as the blood drips.

Life stops!

The eyes grow vacant in the presence of our power and yet

there is nothing…..

Nothing, but the darkness….

as we wither in the shadows of our deeds

Where our thoughts are our weapons and our hands are the deliverers of pain.

The pain we must feed on to survive our daily undoing

which grows worse day by day.

It is better to be masters over another than alone in our dark cage.

Kings of this world we are not!

Slaves to our fear is what we are.


Poem # 16


Is it as easy to take a life….

as it is to pluck ripe fruit?

Or is it as easy as eating a piece of bread?

Is it easy to look down upon another as if they are nothing?

Is it easy to trade one life for another;

to take that which is the fruit of life and toss it in the wind,

giving no thought of the souls left behind?

It is easy to cancel the days of another and dance as a mother cries?

Is life so devalued that it is easy to spill its essence without any remorse

In the eyes of the spirit of life….

you are nothing,

but darkness cloaked in the brightness of daylight!

For the light of your soul is a black pit of despair which lays on a nest of poisoned feathers.



Poem # 17


Let me be……

free of all that is wrong in this world.

Let not your thoughts poison my mind.

Let not your hatred fill my heart.

Let not your fear overtake my soul.

Let me fly above the stars and taste the delight of the heavens.

Let me be free to make my own path and…

not take yours!


Poem # 18


As I speak the life flows out of me.

By your hand you have taken the light from me.

I crumble and wither like the leaves in the winter.

I feel the cold breath of death!

As I look up at you

I see nothing.

Nothing that can be called human or a soul.

The something that once was, is not any more!

My words were your enemy.

Your hate would not allow you to see…

to feel.

Fear filled your heart of stone!

To take my life would be your only comfort, but there is no comfort in the stealing of a life.

Your hands are stained with my blood…

forever will it stay…

to remind you of this day.

You may have silenced my voice, but my words will live on

long after you have turned to dust

my words shall be carried in the pens of those who will come after me.


Poem # 19


My weapon is my pen!

It mightier then the hate which lives in you soul!

My words are full of life and the truth is the breath

in which they soar to the light.

For the words of the light are the illumination of the darkness.

Were hate and fear dwell, but

with knowledge comes the light and

with the light comes freedom from hate and fear.


Poem # 20


My heart weeps for those who have been taken.

Plucked from life before they had a chance to live.

Their bodies liter the streets.

The river of blood flows and touches all.

Madness has done this

leaving nothing in its wake,

but broken dreams and broken hearts!


Poem # 21


Do you not know anything about me?

Do you not know who I am?

Are you blind,

do you not see I am here for you?

Can you not hear the sweet song of my heart?

Why are you floating though this life alone?

When I am here!

There is no need to suffer.

You have lived to long in the darkness.

Shying away from the light and the love within you.

Denying who you are.

Giving up all that you are.

Let my strength be your strength!

Let my will be your will.

Let my faith be your faith.

Let the light of life fill you again.

Let us together walk in the light of day

where there is nothing to fear.

Shed the cloak of darkness..

let us join together

and you will see

I have away been here.

Standing by your side,

waiting for you


Poem # 22


I love because I can

It is who I an

Love is the sweet fruit my heart and soul craves.

It is the spring which overflows from my spirit and rains down upon all around me.

It is the food of my life,

the root of my being,

the meaning of who I am!

When I look out

I see I am surrounded by its light.

It is in all things!




Molding who I am…


Poem # 23


The way I live is not the way of others for

I am not one to wait.

I follow the river of life

like a leaf floating aimlessly down a stream!

I long for nothing and no one.

I am a lone wolf!

In the mist of what I have seen.

I walk between the living and the dead.

Seeing the seen and unseen

Leaving no trace of who I am, but

never letting the bloom of my youth go far from the light.

My heart beats for the one who was one with my soul

they have gone and left me without eyes to see.

I am bare in the seeds of my loneliness which grows like weeds in my heart.

Alone is the gift my fate has made me and

alone is what I shall be with the last days of my breath.


Poem # 24


I am life!

My breath allows all to live.

My fertile lands have nurture all of creation,

unselfishly giving food and shelter to all those in my care.

My wisdom has fed the minds of great ones.

My sweet songs has graced the ears and lifted the hearts.

My beauty has inspired wonders for the eye to behold.

My blood has watered the souls of the living.

Never once did I turn any soul away.

My love for all has been as everlasting as the sun


I did not see…..

I did not know

there were vipers in my mist.

Tyrants who would abuse and rape me time after time.

They have torn me apart and laughed as the essence of life drained from me.

I am burned and scorched!

Open wounds and scars are my inheritance!

Like a newborn I am helpless.

I have done nothing, but to love and nurture

yet the frost of their hateful gaze and deeds has confined me to this hideous fate with only

winter’s grave to comfort me.

I am ready to go…

To leave this painful and tortuous existence,

but what will happen to all who depend on me when I cease to exists?

There could be another way……

It has been done before.

Maybe it is time to start anew.


Poem # 25


I am lost.

Lost without you.

To me there is nothing, but you

my life begins and ends with you..

As I look out the window the illusion of the world falls away.

I stand in a space which is without limits of the real world.

In this place the dark veil of my life turns into rays of peace.

Wrapping me in a web of your love.

Here I have found myself in your divinity.

Unbound by the corruption of the seen and unreal.

You have made me discover the world within.

Which unlocks the endless wonder of the infinite and the divine.

No longer am I aimlessly floating.

I have landed in your unyielding grace,

free of all.

To deny you would be to deny myself.

To live without you is to live without my soul.


Poem # 26


Like an eagle I have stretched out my wings and dared to dream.

I am like Icarus longing to touch the sun.

I have lifted my eyes to the infinite.

Letting my soul soar beyond the heavens.

Being touched by the inconceivable.

I have touch the sun, but unlike Icarus I did not fall.

Instead I floated on the river of the divine.

The light filling my whole being and turing me in to more then I every was….

causing me to become one with everything…


Poem # 27


My band of brothers let me shed my blood with you.

For we are as one

and if this be our fate to die on this battle field then

let me stand with you on this day destiny has proclaimed.

For we are brothers who have been baptized in the blood of battle.

Forged in the horrors we have witness as the unpleasant stench of war lingers in our nostrils.

Distance from all we have known has sent our minds to the edge of darkness.

Long from our love ones, our hearts grow heavy with the loss of home and innocence.

We are no longer who we use to be.

Time after time our medal has been tested, but we found the strength to follow though.

Our honor shines like the rays of the sun.

We are the warriors,

the blade,

the iron fist of those who have sent us to battle.

Yet we are all we have.

There is nothing, but the brotherhood……

our band of brothers…

The bond between us is tighter and stronger then the tightest of weaves.

For I will gladly shed my life for you,

my brothers in arms.

My band of brothers.


Poem # 28 


Love comes softly on the beat of butterfly wings.

It is all around us….

in everything we see,



and touch.

It is there in the seen and the unseen.

Love comes to us in many forms.

Its face constantly changing

with the wind.

Love is what holds and binds the world together.

It is the healing force which is found in us all.

Love is the light were we all come from.


Poem # 29


Love comes softly to me as I gaze in your eyes.

It reveals its self to me with your touch.

The sweet wine of love I sip from from your lips.

Such wondrous intoxication….

Love surrounds me in your loving embrace.

Such bliss as we become apart of each other……

not knowing where one begins and the other ends..

I am transformed as the love’s life force flows though us,

leaving nothing untouched..

filling my soul with its light.

When love comes to me,

it make me smile….

because you are its vessel it has chosen to come in.


Poem # 30


In the stillness of my troubled mind I am put to rest.

The heartache of my soul is taken away.

My will to live is renewed,

in the stillness I find all the answers.

I find the true meaning of my life.

In the stillness I find your divine love.


By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

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