Are You Ready? If Not, Get Ready!

Souletry Cover Art


The process of turning “Souletry Poems of the Soul” into a performance piece has begun. As of September 12th 2015 “Souletry Poems of the Soul”, the performance piece will be developed in New York. By director, choreographer and co creator Lacy Darryl Phillips.

“Souletry Poems of the Soul” was created by Artist Monteque Pope-Le Beau. It is a collection of poems which speak to the soul and who we are as human beings. It is also a metaphor for the light and darkness which is within us all. In the of time there is always hope. There is also the light of faith so we may find our way. In the best time there is darkness which is a constant reminder of our dark side and what we are capable of. The light and darkness is who we are. It is what we are made of and where we come from. You can’t have the light without the darkness and you can’t have the darkness without the light, there has to be a perfect balance for us to be able to thrive. It is the yin and yang of life, you can’t have one with out the other. These poems are also to remind one that they are not separate from, but are connected to everyone and everything.

“Souletry Poems of the Soul will” be made Into a performance piece which will explore the language art, music, dance, and writing. While creating a space were the bonds are made stronger between all four concepts through the language of words, music, art and the body, which forms a very unique language of which can not exist without the others; creating dance artworks and sculptures that challenges the boundaries between the four disciplines. The work is designed for unconventional spaces; to challenge the viewer and performer. Bringing both the performer and the viewer into a unified relationship of exploration of the ties that bind and unite humanity. Ultimately telling humanity’s story using the body, music, poems, and art. Exploring the experiences of a human kind. Along with using digital art to expand the visual senses of the of the viewer by exploring the space between the dimensions of time, musical notes, words, the endless space within the space that the body inhabits. The space of silence, the space of the mind, the space between human beings and the seen and unseen space is interpreted; linking all the elements of the performance piece together

So are you ready for the most profound and uplifting artistic experiences you will ever experience? If not, get ready! Because “Souletry Poems of the Soul”, the performance piece is on its way and it will blow your mind.

To read excerpts from “Souletry Poems of the Soul” you can go here.


About Director Lacy Darryl Phillips

Dir. Lacy Darryl Phillips

Dir. Lacy Darryl Phillips

Lacy performed in his first professional show “Miss Moffat” with Bette Davis at the age of 9. Soon after, he toured the United States and performed on Broadway in “Raisin” starring as Travis Younger,“Sophisticated Ladies” starring Gregory Hines , “Dancin”,“Anything Goes” starring Patti Lupone , “Sweet Charity” starring Debbie Allen, “Play On”, the Broadway production of “FOSSE” and “Me and Mrs. Jones” with Lou Rawls.

He was featured in the PBS Special “Broadway: The American Musical (Fall 2004). Under the direction of Debbie Allen-Nixon, Lacy has been an Assistant and has performed on such projects as: “A Different World “ , “The Academy Awards”, “Polly I & 11“ for Disney and the CBS T.V. Movie “Stompin’ At The Savoy” featured as Teddy The M.C. and “Cool Women”. Other films include “Sister Act II“ , “Death Becomes Her”, “A Chorus Line”, “What’s Love Got To Do With It“, ”The Five Heartbeats”, an independent musical film called “Vampires In Da’ House”,“The Fighting Temptation” with Cuba Gooding Jr. and Beyonce Knowles.

Other Director/Choreographers that Lacy has worked with are: Michael Peters, LesterWilson, Michael Kidd, Larry Fuller, Claudia Asbury, Gail Benedict, Donald McKayle, Gene Castle, Mercedes Ellington and Louis Johnson.

Lacy Darryl Phillips is the Actor and Singer’s Dream Director/Choreographer. His approach and technique combines dramatic and lyrical content blending fun, sensuality and humor while moving the plot along.

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