The Condemned


Let it be known that I am a person,
but others think not.
To them I am other than that which they deem unacceptable.
I walked in a haze of discomfort and disbelief.
For I can not conform to what others want.
I am what I am.
I can not change.
My path was created long before I was born.
This is who I am.
Someone who is capable of far more than just existing.
I rise above what others have said of me.
Constantly throwing off the cloak of darkness they try to entangle me in.
Feeling the flames of their fear singeing my eyes.
Trying not to allow their hate to tear into me,
but I refuse to bleed!
I am condemned in their eyes,
yet my soul flies free.
I am unwilling to be harsh to those unable to see beyond their closed eyes.
I can only live my life, accepting all who comes across my path.
Giving love with an open hand and heart.

By Monteque Pope-Le Beau

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